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  February, 22 Factory Registration
  November, 10 Registration of Professional Energy-saving Company (Issue Number: 2010-0470-4)
February, 26 Received Presidential Science and Technology Award
January, 29 Registration of International Contractor for Overseas Construction (Issue Number: 1140)
January, 4 Registration of Renewable Energy Professional Company (Issue Number: 2010-5469)
  December, 30 Achieved Electrical Work Business License (Issue Number: Seoul 04533)
September, 1 Changed its corporate name to Hanvit DNS Co., Ltd.
  July, 17 Achieved Integral Supervision Business License (Issue Number: Seoul S-1-358)
July, 17 Achieved Integral Design Business License (Issue Number: Seoul E-1-187)
June, 11 Achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification (Cerficate Number: KQA-E10538)
March, 3 Achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification (Cerficate Number: KQA-QO82299)
February, 26 Achieved Patent on the Optimized Control System and its Control Method for the Solar PV System (Issue Number: 10-0809483)
February, 26 Achieved Patent on the Solar PV Generation System with 3 phases circuit breaker (Issue Number: 10-0809482)
  May, 21 Achieved Patent on the Electrical Cable Tray Structure on the ceiling of a building (Issue Number: 10-0722196)
May, 21 Achieved Patent on the Fixing Structure of Pole Transformer (Issue Number: 10-0722195)
March, 4 Achieved Professional License for the Construction of Firefighting Facilities (Issue Number: Yeongdeungpo 2007-28)
  November, 28 Main Engineering Activities (Generation Transmission and Distribution, Electrical Application)
October, 13 Established Professional Engineers Office (Building Electrical, Electrical Application, Generation Transmission and Distribution, IT, Electric Safety)
  July, 1 Changed its name to Hanvit DNS
  February, 4 Achieved General Design Business for Firefighting Facilities (Electrical and Mechanical Areas)
January, 18 Achieved Professional Supervision Business License (Issue Number: Seoul S-2-154)
January, 18 Achieved 1st grade Professional Engineering Business License (Issue Number: Seoul E-2-208)
  January, 19 Established Hanvit Technical Group (Business Registration Number: 105-06-79987)